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"All of our guests would love him"

All chef's live to please and delight their guests, so it was great to receive the above compliment on Channel 4's FIve Star Kitchen!

…So, the latest episode of Five Star Kitchen-Britain's Next Great Chef has had me smiling so hard yeah!

I'm gonna be honest, I don't wanna start pretending like I didn't think I could cook because I can. I should be able to, I've been doing it a minute! No, but really, these comments from the judges are unreal. As an artist, I cringe when I say that, btw, but I am😊🤣...

As an artist, when you are creating, it's just for yourself. It's a collection of your thoughts, ideas, and experiences. Things you've seen, who you want to be.

When someone else experiences that art and gets it. Well, that's ultimately a market - a buyer and a seller, which I am accustomed to. What is so outrageously fantastic about this experience is I have these judges, peers, my idols, people who have done it, and know tell me that this little thing I've been over-thinking in my head for 30 years is a gem.

I can't play it down, not one little bit. It's massive, and I'm mad greatful to have made it to week 5, baby.... (I think that's the first time I've used baby in that context, but it works)😊

Thank you for tuning in. Thank you for cheering. Like, really. Thank you 💙🙏🏿💫🇯🇲🇱🇨

📷 Plantain Meringue Pie, Orange Curd, Cherry Compote, Molasses, and Sea Salt Ice Cream

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