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Mom, look… I'm on TV!

Just the other day I couldn’t do this pose. I recall attempting it with one of my favourite teachers @johncollinsyoga and nothing happened. I was just sitting there on the floor with a scrunched up face.

Watching the show I am currently competing in yesterday was a really hard watch. (The show being, 'Five Star Kitchen-Britain's Next Great Chef on @channel4, for anyone who has somehow missed me banging on about it)!

Having watched the show again and having time to reflect on how it felt watching it the first time with my hands over my eyes and cringing almost out loud, no joke, the cringe was audible.😊 Also, how I recall feeling at the time of recording it made me realise I am a lot more gentler with myself when I'm on my yoga mat - my most treasured place in the whole world.

Now I've had a chance to collect my thoughts properly, I've realised that what got me to this pose was allowing myself space to not know how, to not be strong enough. I gave myself time to build stronger shoulders and core in order to achieve my goal. I have been consistent with my practice, persevered, and grew with my failures without judgement or expection.

We know these are the things to hold onto tightly, that they will be the things that serve us well.

Look at me now, I get to enjoy the fruits of that labour.

Fail well, fall if need be, bruise even, but always dust yourself off and keep on going. Your only true competitor lives within. 😉💫🙏🏿🫶🏿🙌🏿

Five Star Kitchen episodes 1,2, and 3 are available on 4OD. Episode 4 next Friday at 8pm.

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