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My ambition is to not only serve quality Caribbean fusion food that feels a move on from what exists in the UK today - but change the stereotypes surrounding Caribbean food and present people with something new and exciting.

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Five Star Kitchen on Channel 4

"We're good to go"

Dom has just won Channel 4's Five Star Kitchen where he has been creating his Caribbean-infused food artistry and sumptuous flavours, which impressed the judges enough to give him the top spot. When it comes to cooking, he's not fooling around.

Dom played to win.

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Chef Dom Taylor


Chef Dom Taylor was born to a Jamaican mother & Saint Lucian father. Through his mother & the elder women in the family, he developed a love for cooking from an early age. He learned that food isn’t only for nourishment, but can tell a story, evoke joy & bring people together.



The "Good Front Rum," a five-year oak barrel-aged golden blend especially made to celebrate Chef Dom Taylor’s vibrant restaurant at The Langham, London.

Reflecting both his Jamaican and St. Lucian heritage and evoking the finest Caribbean spices with notes of caramel, cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice. Indulge in the rich and distinct character of this exceptional, limited-edition rum.


Dom took his passion for cooking Caribbean food from his loved ones, trained locally at Lewisham college, furthered his studies at Thames Valley University, & spent a year studying & working abroad in South Carolina. Dom has worked in many restaurants & hotels across London working his way up to Executive Chef. After a very successful run of high-end establishments.


… that’s when I realised I was home, that this is where

I was supposed

to be, doing what

I truly loved.

I had arrived!


… it’s because I feel an internal responsibility to try to change the stereotypes surrounding Caribbean food.

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